Monday, October 14, 2013

Crispy Noddle Fall Salad

The nights are drawing in. The air is getting crisp, .leaves are falling  and the holidays will  soon be upon us. Many of  us will be  thinking of planning the holiday meal.  This easy.  festive and  tasty salad will  not only delight your guess, but also add a decorative touch to any  holiday table.This beautiful captivating  salad made  with the seasonal cranberries, toasted almonds , eggs and honey mustard dressing , has the sweet tangy favors  of devil eggs, a ever so slight taste of  cranberry sauce, but   with the crunch of  Chinese noodles, I say it makes for  a very interesting  fare. I found these cut little cookie cutters at Target and they fired up  my imagination! I used the fall maple leaf  in this recipe

This recipe serves 2

5oz or 1 bag  of baby spinach
1 or 2 diced cold hard boil egg
2-3 slices of cheese ( I used a blend of colbey jack)
1-2 tablespoons dry cranberries
1-3 tablespoons toasted almonds
2-4 tablespoons honey mustard dressing or sweet onion Dijon vignette
A handful of Chinese noddles.
salt and pepper to taste 

                                Cut out your cheese  using the maple leaf cookie cutter, and set aside  

                               Place the baby spinach  or salad greens a large bowl 

Dice your cold hard boiled egg, and toss egg into  the spinach in salad bowl, toss in the  almonds and cranberries

Add your salad dressing to the bowl and toss salad till blended 

Divide  between two plate, sprinkle a handful of crispy noodles over the top of each salad.

place cheese cut outs on salad making a nice arrangement 
Serve immediately  


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